Thursday, January 26, 2012

Return Of Dream Story?

As I have mentioned previously, I am the last thing I want to do a project about, so I have not really had any idea what I am going to do for this project. This all changed when I was looking through my old pictures (in an egomaniacal fit after that honorable mention went right to my head) and I noticed that distorted picture of my face I did in photo one. That was from the the Dream Story project, which I thought was a pretty insane concept for a project, but which I used as an opportunity to experiment with photoshop. I never really made those abstract pictures I was going to do last time, so I thought this time I would take the opportunity to improve at photoshop and recreate the dream story project. This time around, I will actually write down what happens in my dreams and try to recreate them. That way the project is still about me.
Oh yeah and these pictures are actually from last year's dynamism project, in which I also used photoshop a lot. I used a median filter because it reduced the level of detail but left pleasing colors and shapes.

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